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Thursday, April 30, 2009

NoT In a GoOd MoOd..

DuN kNoW WhY..
MaYbE StIlL ThInKinG ke MaNa aKu PasNi..
but whatever it is..
he knows everything than me..
i've got asasi kejuruteraan kat uia...
n alsa da offer from mansoura university...
i'm still waiting far da france 2...
still confius..
apapun... i dah tekad to focus on my study not play2..
meme tk der main2 pown pasni.
what in my MIND??
spm is not da tempat penamat for me to stop..
promise wif myself to be succed after dis...
thanks papa coz make me wake up again.... n thanks to my fwen gop...
for dos yang wat medik..
i;m still need petunjuk..
che enin.. u will help mi kan... ur da best bakal doktor... he3..
p if my last decision is to mesir...
really hope got iskandariah.... so will be wif kak ini...
if not.. redha jew.. asal usaha... insyallah..
tidak akan terasa manisnya hidup...andai tak dilambung gelora...
so i just face it n dun forget to pray..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

AwArD GoP...

21, 2009

[Make sure you take the pic and said it is from who]
AmBil JeW.. Hi3... ChE EnIn.. ThAnkS..
DiS Blog JuST NeW..
LeA CaYaM tHankS GoP cOZ ChOOsE My bLoG..
I WiIL mAKe DiS BlOg WoRTh 4 EvEryOnE KeY..

[You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself]
everyone know bout dis thing.. really sensitive kat KUCING...
dun know why...
...not mean dat i hate cat...
but scared?? dun know how to describe bout that..
maybe just like we found the animal from narnia... hehehehehehe
starble nk makan kat kedai,,,
really hate kedai makan yg ada kucing..
of course tak senang nk makan.. especially ble die mari kat kerusi
n lihat mi time makan... oh no!! please go away..

dun know when.. i start interest in something pink in colour..
dun know why..
...but pink is something i like most...
dat why my room pown pink..

dun know how people judge me..
.. but mimi nie seorang yang >APPRECIATE<>~fourth~
I'm someone dat.. ble feel SAD, i will keep it..
so dat time i will cry puas2..
first2 sad tu tak suka org disturb.. then when feel calm ckit..
br feel like want to share with someone..
actually mi cepat sejuk hati..
if geram kat orang 2 then if dat person wat baik ngan mi
although die tak minta maaf pown..
coz feel kesian n aser cam berdosa plop klu mi wat dun know..
maybe 2 cara die nk minta maaf kot..

tak suka SEAFOOD... dop hau nape all people excited ble pg kedai seafood,,,
dun like lah.. anyway bukan sbb elergik or something
like gatal2.. dop ah..
maybe my stomach tak leh trima dat kind of food..
ketam udang sotong
but if udang yg ditumis or paprit .. ok jew.. if yg gulai kuning 2..
unless die punya kuah pown tk leh..

maybe mi nie jenis yang alwaiz think negatif..
some part lah..
when someone dun reply my msg or dun angkat fon..
will think org 2 marah kita
or tk mau kwn ngan kita.. all dat thing...
but i will try to think positif..
but tk pernah bersangka buruk.. dun like it..

actually da thing dat org wat something bad for me,
i still REMEMBER all dis..
but mi jenis yang tk suka dat thing berlanjutan..
alhough dat memory still in my MIND..
NeVER forget It but wILL FoRGIVE It
Dis life will never epi if tidak dilanda kesedihan....
sO we will always appreciate dat make us epi.. keep it...

ConfIuS nAk amBik meDik cNi or MesiR...
BuT StIll MeDIk LaH..

JeNiS YaNg MuDaH TerkEjuT..
KlU sOmEoNe YaNg SuKa kEjuTkAn DarI bElAkAnG MeMe AkaN tErkEjUT..
Dat wHy kLu moOD ok.. Tak pE..
kLu mOOd nAik tuRuN.. tAk pAsaL2 bOm mElEtuP.. hE3
TrY tO uBaH bEnDA 2

whEn SomEonE giVe mE adViSE.. WiLL rEmEmBer iT..
eSpeCiAlLy FrOm paPA.. uR mY hErO..
MasA KEcIK2 DLu..
PaPA aNta Pg skUll TAdikA.. mI nanGis.. 5 TahuN time 2..
TheN papA oYk KlU tinGAt PApa.. Suh nangIS sAmbIl PanGgIl Papa//
ThEn WhEN I dO dAt..
Dat tImE KAt uMAh DAh..
mY mUM TeLL mE PaPA On DA WaY.. tRus SenYAp
bEna DoP poWN..
SO DAt aRE a GoOd AdviSE.. he3..
kIcIk2 KEna tIpU..

Monday, April 20, 2009

StOrY Of My LiFe

ThIs Is A StOrY AboUt SomEtHinG ThaT HaPpeNeD loNg AgO wHeN
My GraNdFaTheR WaS A ChIlD..

It iS A VerY ImpoRtAnT StoRy BecAuSe iT ShoWs HoW AlL
ThE CoMiNgS AnD GoiNgS FoR AhmAd'S FaMily
FiRsT bEgiN...

In ThoSe DaYs mR sheRloCk HolMeS wAs StIlL LivInG In bAkEr STrEeT AnD
ThE BaStaBlEs WeRe LoOkiNg FoR TreAsuRe
In ThE LeWiShaM RoAd.
In THoSe DaYs, iF U aRe A BoY, yOu HaD tO wEaR a StiFF EtOn coLlAr
evEryDaY, AnD ScHoOlS WeRe UsUallY NaStiEr ThAn NoW..
BuT mealS WeRE NiCeR And As FoR SwEeTs, I woN'T tEll YoU HoW ChEaP AnD GoOd ThEy wEre BecAuSe
It wOulD OnLy MaKe My MouTh WaTer In VaIn..
DaTs WhAT My GraNdPa TolD Me EvEryTImE I've Ti ViSiT Him..

ThErE ArE mAnY hiStoRy ThAt HaD haPpenEd In My FamIly..
BuT I'm StIll ThiNkIng WeThEr
I CaN wRiTe It hErE oR noT..
NeeD pErmiSsioN firSt.. hehehe..
i wiLL ContInuE tHiS stoRy of mY LiFE foR thE nExT timE..
ComIng sOon..

Saturday, April 18, 2009


In My LiFe... I HaVe To ChOoSe Da BeTTeR RoAd
FoR My BrIgHT FuTuRe..
NoThInG To WrItE ActUaLlY.. JuSt boRiM...

I JusT To SaY DaT stUdY HarD anD FocUs mOlk2 KlU caN FlY..
Ur ChAnCe Is MoRe bRightEr thaN mIne.. sob3
BuT I'm StIll HapPy FoR You..
JuSt WanT to SaY daT tHinG If We caNnOt See EaCh OthEr AgaIn..
StUdY3 AnD Tk YaH La pk BoUt soMeThiNg Yg REmEh-temEh..
AnD DuN SaD3 KeY...
HoPe whEn U sTarT sTudY At Dat pLaCe..
YoU DuN haVe Any pObs Ag KeY...
AnD Mi Nk mInTa MaAf bYk2..
KlU bYk MakE pobS Kat u..
I JuSt wANt tO thAnkS cOz mAkE mE IntErEsT in CheM
n Mi nGan TeKad mI To TakE FarMAsi..
U MakE Mi HapPy KaN pApA..
Coz ImpIAn DiE Suh mI AmbIk farmAsi..
ThanKS A Lot..
N I wILl NeVEr lEt go oUr rElationShip..
Dats All...


wish epi besday to AMIE n CERAH hehehehe...
lebih kurg dekat la..
minta maaf amie coz lewat wish..
kat cerah awal plop... ish3..

apepun... mi dapat matrik kulim..
huhuhuhuhu... hau la
tgk lah cam ne...
just tk sabar nak continue study... caiyokkkkkkk

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gratisan Musik

Sejenak Terfikir...

Wahai kwn2 yg mengenali kawan kita nie...
Jangan kita lupa untuk doa kat die tau..
dlu jew sdih.. skng??
please... Slalukan baca yasin key... moga2 die menerima doa kita ini...
So.. kita yg masih hidup ini perlu terus berusaha dan beramal soleh...
Tuhan lebih menyayangi arwah...
Hadis Rasulullah SAW ada mengatakan bahwa:
berkerjalah kita seolah-olah kita akan hidup seribu tahun lagi...
dan beramallah kita seolah-olah kita akan mati esok hari...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Suka tgk my parents pg honeymoon...
hehehehheheh... cayam papa n mama....
This is what we call romantik parents... like it... tggl anak dier yg cute nie..

hheheheheheh... tak der maknanya...
mama kate klu mi pg kacau line... ish3... heheheeheh
like dia pic... cayalah...
epi to have in dis family....
tyme papa n mama pg jepun... mi windu sgt2 tau...
sunyi umah nie///