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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Bismillah. ( Glory be to Allah and i begin with praise of Him'.)

The beauty of our women.
She's smart, modest, coy and witty, mashallah and she is so pretty. shes your nana, mother, sister and neice, without whom i know, i'd be missing a peice. she works, cooks and cleans, loves to drive, travel and ooh she also loves to reaad.

Most non-muslims would say that she was oppressed but thats probably because of the way that she is dressed, if only they knew she was too keen to impress! Allahu Akbar! she would so openly express...that life was nothing but a test.

She would explain with pure ettiquite, yet standing her ground, with words so peircing that even the non-believers would frown, my dear sister truly did outshine those women in the crowd, that wear clothes so revealing, and in shaytans eyes; definently more appealing.

Mashallah, she didnt succumb to temptation, she lowered her gaze and continued on her way as the time had come to go and pray, while the women in the office gossiped all day and complained about the men who talk to their blouses all day and the men who were interested but in the wrong way. Please ask yourselves women of today, how opressed was she when she went off to pray??

Remember that time you took that tumble and she came to your rescue with a smile so humble, she scooped you up and told you with no fear baby dont worry im here, im here.

Remember how she wrapped you up in her fragranced scarf, and when you were out still showed you her love, cuddled you up and in secret, lifted up her veil, and told you great tales and made you smile without fail. She is amazing isn't she? no one can compare, never opressed and never reluctant to share, a home full of happiness, laughter, joy and that contagious smile, a man would most definently travel for miles and miles, just for a glimpse of her natural beauty, a man who was also striving for his call of duty.

A man will travel to the other side of the world in search for his other half if Allah willed, and i assure you her relatives will be pleased, Allah knows best! she would agree... as he is all powerful, all knowing and highly skilled :) Allahu Akbar!

The beauty of our women is truly a treasure, safeguarding our chastity with fear and with pleasure, i wish we were all like this as this so called opression would end. The beauty of our women is a true gift that was sent.


Thank You, ALLAH

for making us Muslims
with the best of blessings
bestowed upon any human being
listening and obeying to the One and Only True Being.

Thank You, ALLAH

for sending Rasulullah
a shining star known as Habibullah
a true hero non-comparable
guiding and teaching with his very own humble examples

Thank You, ALLAH

for transcending the book
definitely with a "proper look"
one cannot help but to get hook
Al-Quran is the name: "get a copy, have a look, 5 minutes that's all it took!"

Thank You, ALLAH

for providing us a place called earth
destroying it will get on everybody nerves
please protect it as it truly deserved.
A home for the future we must preserve.

Thank You, ALLAH

for this short-life
a day will come when we shall all die
dear people, please do not inflict more conflicts
alas, the world resembles "a relic": a place in history the story of humans' contradict

Thank You, ALLAH

for a father and mother
a heavy responsibility they shoulder
creating a better future
for the next generation to prosper

Thank You, ALLAH

for the plenty foods and drinks
seldom do we think...
about our humble beginning, that is from Nothing!
Why do we still destroy and plunder just to attain that little "something"

Thank You, ALLAH

for the many Muslims, brothers and sisters
again please stop and ponder..
"Have we served Allah, a proper?"
Come The Day, what do we have to offer?

Thank You, ALLAH

for the many gentle reminders
we tend to forget and wander.
The very reason of our existence
not to commit treason but first to serve ALLAH and Rasulullah in that sequence!

Thank You, ALLAH

for we pray for JANNAH in return
and the glory of Islam we try to churn
for that matter, a better Muslim in every turn
devoted and steadfast in ibadah- as the deceitful life we try to spurn

Sunday, December 25, 2011

perjalanan hidup ini

setiap kali aku berfikir, mampukah aku menandingi kawan-kawanku yang lain..
aku selalu berasa rendah diri, tidak bersemangat. Namun, setelah aku mendapat nikmat dariNya, yg mana lagi harus aku dustai... Ya Allah ampunkanlah hambaMu yang lemah ini.
Aku amat bersyukur atas segalanya Ya Allah. Its like a miracle aku boleh lulus dalf C1. DAn apabila aku melihat note yg aku dapat, Subhanallah, Engkaulah yang maha Berkuasa atas segalanya Ya Allah. Aku mohon Ya Allah, jangan engkau sombongkan hati ini, pesongkan hati ini dan truskanlah hati ini supaya aku dapat menimba ilmu hanya keranaMu ya Allah.
Ya Allah, jauhilah aku dari segala maksiat, segala laranganmu yg Allah. Tetapkanlah hati ini dengan iman dan takwaMu ya Allah... Astaghfirullahalazim... Banyaknya dosa aku ya Allah.. :-(
dats da time to change ur self... tetapkan hati dan iman hanya kepada yang maha esa.. insyallah... hasbunallahuwani'malwakil